UTP Direct Burial Outdoor CAT6 Ethernet Cable Bulk wire

UTP Direct Burial Outdoor CAT6 Ethernet Cable Bulk wire

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UTP Direct Burial Outdoor CAT6 Ethernet Cable brings you an affordable cable that simply works. It offers high speed connections and data transfer perfectly suitable for any application with minimal electromagnetic interference. With Ultraviolet (UV) and water resistance, you can also install this direct burial cabling directly into the ground without any additional protection to lower your overall costs of the project. This cabling is made with high quality components designed for durability and functionality.

Difference for Durable CAT6 Outdoor Cable

Both the 500ft and 1000ft options for CAT6 outdoor bulk cable start with four unshielded twisted pairs of 23AWG copper-clad aluminum wire. This type of wiring provides a high speed connection and durability at a low cost. It reaches speeds of up to 10 GB per second and a frequency of 550MHz, perfect for any high speed data applications.

UTP CAT6 Outdoor Cable consists of four twisted pairs of solid core conductors to ensure peak performance at any run length. These wires are then encased in a thermoplastic sheath adding UV and water resistance. This allows the CAT6 cabling to be buried directly in a trench without any additional protections saving you on both labor and material costs. Simply trench out the run, place the cable inside, then bury it without any additional protection. The 500ft option is coiled within a simple pull box to avoid any tangles or snags during the installation. If you need more than 500ft, the 1000ft bulk option comes on a wooden drum inside a reinforced box keeping installations simple and ensuring your cable arrives without any damage.

Optimize Your Network With Direct Burial CAT6 Cable Bulk

The high speed connectivity of the Outdoor CAT6 cable makes it perfect for any voice, data, video, or security application. Since this cabling is the UTP option, it is best used in situations with low levels of electromagnetic interference. This makes it a perfect option for setting up or upgrading a high speed local area network (LAN) on a budget.

This Direct Burial CAT6 cable reaches speeds of up to 10GB per second and frequencies of up to 550 MHz. It is certified for transfer rates of 10/100/1000/10000 MBps. Simply put, CAT6 cabling provides the best cost to speed ratio of Ethernet cables and direct burial cabling makes installations a breeze.

Features of the Outdoor CAT6 Cable include:

·         500ft option comes in a simple pull box and the 1000ft option comes on a wooden spool inside a reinforced cardboard box.

·         Four unshielded twisted pairs of 23AWG Copper-Clad Aluminum wiring

·         Ultraviolet and water resistant for direct burial applications

·         Certified at rates of 10/100/1000/10000mbps making it suitable for high speed applications

·         Reaches frequencies of up to 550 MHz and speeds of up to 10 GB/s


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