Indoor Transparent Speaker Wire CCA PVC Pull Box, 250ft

Indoor Transparent Speaker Wire CCA PVC Pull Box, 250ft

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Indoor Transparent Speaker Wire CCA PVC Pull Box is the lightweight and flexible option...

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Indoor Transparent Speaker Wire CCA PVC Pull Box is the lightweight and flexible option you need for your car stereo or even home stereo wiring needs. This copper clad aluminum cable is transparent, and each conductor has a separate jacket, which increases its flexibility and simplifies the installation process. Though primarily used for car stereo wiring needs, the cable’s flexibility and transparency makes it suitable for many in-home speaker wiring jobs too. So, whether you need reliable indoor wiring for your home entertainment system or the most efficient and high-performance solution for your vehicle’s sound system, transparent speaker wire is the perfect choice.

An Indoor Transparent Speaker Cable to Fit Your Lifestyle

Entertainment systems are among many people’s most prized possessions, but your system is only as good as the wires that connect its various components. indoor transparent speaker wires are an ideal way to ensure that your speaker connections deliver the quality sound you expect from your sound systems. This transparent wiring solution is a popular choice for car stereo wiring needs, offering unparalleled performance for stereo-to-speaker connections while delivering consistently uncompromising sound quality that perfectly captures the essence of your entertainment media. And thanks to its transparency, this speaker wire can also be a great option for in-home entertainment system speaker wiring.

The Indoor Transparent Speaker Cable Features You Need

Indoor Transparent Speaker Wire provides the features you need to meet any indoor speaker wiring challenge. Like all speaker cables, this wire uses the highest quality strands, and is designed for minimal signal loss and exceptional performance. The wire’s gauge is 16 AWG, with a variety of strand variants to meet your unique needs. This copper clad aluminum (CCA) wire solution offers the type of flexibility you need for easy installation, while providing superior signal delivery and the quality sound you deserve. The wiring is also marked for length, with foot markings noted every two feet on the jacket.

Features include:

  • Pull-Out Box
  • CCA wire ideal for quality signal and flexibility
  • Foot marked with sequential countdown every two feet
  • Transparent cable suitable for car stereo wiring, home wiring
  • Gauge is 16 AWG, with two stranded conductors
  • Strands include 122, 99, and 65, with variants: 12/2 122 strands, 14/2 99 strands, 16/2 65 strands; 0.16 mm
  • Length variants include 50 ft, 100 ft, and 250 ft

This speaker cable is made from twisted strands that combine to result in the cable’s gauge, or thickness. When judging gauge, it is important to recognize that lower gauges indicate thicker cables. For example, 14 gauge is thicker cable than 16 gauge. As a rule, thicker cables do a better job guarding against signal loss. uses cables with the highest available strands to ensure maximum performance for its cable products.

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