1000FT CAT6 UTP solid Network Ethernet LAN Cable,Bulk wire, PVC Bare Copper, Blue, White

1000FT CAT6 UTP solid Network Ethernet LAN Cable,Bulk wire, PVC Bare Copper, Blue, White

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We live in an increasingly connected world that provides unparalleled access to shared applications, wireless connectivity, streaming entertainment, and video surveillance. Of course, that connectivity is only as good as the hardware and cables that form the foundation of your network.1000 ft CAT6 UTP solid Network Ethernet LAN Cable is the ideal choice for ensuring that you have the secure, reliable connections your network needs for maximum connectivity.

Secure Connections for the Way You Live

Today’s internet connections are more important than ever before. Thanks to new technologies that have reshaped lifestyle expectations, consumers need reliable internet for everything from simple browsing to cloud computing, high-definition video streaming services, video surveillance, and more.Cat6 UTP network cables provide those reliable connections your connected lifestyle demands.

The Network Cable Features You Need to Power Your Network

CAT6 network cables offer a whole host of important features to simplify installation, ensure reliable signal strength, and provide the secure connections your network needs. environments.

Our network cables are made of durable Bare copper and come in a sturdy pull-out box that simplifies installation. That also ensures tangle-free, snag-free pulls to avoid those frustrating tangles that can add unnecessary time to any installation process. Cables are also marked for easier installation, with foot markings places in a sequential countdown from 1000 ft.

Your wires will be protected thanks to the included rip cord that makes it easy to strip cable jackets without harming the wires. The cables also include a center spine to eliminate crosstalk and ensure superior signal transmission while minimizing signal loss. Conductors are 23 AWG, with 4 twisted pairs that provide excellent speed and reliable transmission.

With all these great features, it’s no wonder so many consumers choose our Cat6 network cables for their wired network installation needs. The cable’s flexible but strong construction and effective design will provide your network with years of reliable signal transmission to power all your connected network activities. When you need proven quality cables for your network connections, there’s no better choice than 1000 ft CAT6 UTP solid Network Ethernet LAN Cable.

Network cable features include:

·         Sturdy Pull-Out Box that provides tangle-free, snag-free cable pulls to greatly simplify installation

·         Made from strong, flexible Bare copper for superior signal frequency and longevity

·         Unshielded

·         Rip cord to strip cable jacket and provide added protection for network wires

·         Pair separator spine reduces crosstalk. Featuring a center spine that eliminates crosstalk, this cable provides exceptional transmission performance and low signal loss

·         Each conductor is 23 AWG with 4 twisted pairs for improved speed

·         Foot marked cable - Sequential countdown from 1000 Feet

·         Reinforced box opening

·         Colors include white, blue, 

·         Length: 1000ft


leonard kryston 12/11/2020

This cable is unacceptable non standards compliant and violates EIA/TIA 568 and NEC standards.

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