1000FT FTP Shielded Outdoor Direct Burial CAT6 Ethernet Cable Bulk wire,Black

1000FT FTP Shielded Outdoor Direct Burial CAT6 Ethernet Cable Bulk wire,Black

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1000ft FTP Outdoor Direct Burial CAT6 Ethernet Cable is designed for simple installation with high quality components. It offers data transfer speeds of up to 10 GB and a frequency of up to 550 MHz making it a perfect choice for any application that requires high speed data transfer. This fully shielded CAT6 outdoor cable is built to last with both Ultraviolet (UV) and water resistance, and solid core conductors. You can enjoy simple installation and a lasting cable, so you never need to worry about repairs or re-installation again.

Superior Construction of FTP Outdoor Direct Burial CAT6 Ethernet Cable

The Outdoor CAT6 cabling starts with four shielded, twisted pairs of 23AWG copper-clad aluminum wiring. This full shielding prevents electromagnetic interference so it can work flawlessly even in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference like data centers.

Once the Cat 6 Outdoor cabling passes strict quality control requirements, it is protected for direct burial installations. The cabling is encased in a thermoplastic sheath making it both UV and water resistant. This allows the Outdoor CAT6 cable to be buried directly in a trench without any additional protections. Then the cable is wrapped around a wooden spool with markings at each foot counted down from 1000 feet. This makes it easy to give cost estimates for cable use down to the foot of cabling that was used. The wooden spool simplifies the process of pulling cabling and prevents any tangles or snags throughout the entire installation. You’ll have a clean installation with obvious cable management, so you can easily upgrade any aspect of your setup without worrying about cutting the wrong cable.

Features and Uses You Need for 1000FT CAT6 Outdoor Cable

The high speed connection provided by bulk CAT6 outdoor cable makes it perfect for any data, voice, video, and security application. It provides a cost-effective solution for data centers, call centers, security installations, and video transfers. You’ll have a highly protected cable that can be installed directly into the ground without any additional protections.

1000 feet of outdoor CAT6 cable reaches speeds of up to 10 GB per second of data transfer and frequencies of up to 550 MHz. This is a high end cable for any application that requires high speed connections with fast transfer rates. The features of CAT6 outdoor cable 1000 ft include:

·         Cabling wrapped on a Wooden Spool within a box for reinforced box openings

·         Four shielded twisted pairs of 23AWG Copper-Clad Aluminum wiring

·         FTP cable construction that significantly reduces noise and signal interference for ANSI compliance

·         Ultraviolet and water resistant

·         Suitable for high speed data applications with 550 MHz frequencies and 10 GB/s data transfer. Certified for transfer rates of 10/100/1000/10000mbps


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