1000FT PVC CAT6 Ethernet Cable, Bulk wire, White, Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow

1000FT PVC CAT6 Ethernet Cable, Bulk wire, White, Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow

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The 1000ft PVC CAT6 Ethernet Cable is one of the best ethernet cables on the market.

CAT6 PVC cable is 1000 feet in length giving you the range and flexibility to use the cable in almost any scenario. There are also three color options, which can help you hide the cable in the background or organize your cables by color giving you an obvious indicator of which cables are connected to which pieces of equipment. The CAT6 PVC cable comes in white, blue, or black.

Even though this is a 1000 foot cable, Nexgen has worked hard to make sure that you can unbox it and install this cable as easily as possible. For example, this CAT6 cable comes out of a sturdy pull-out box. This ensures that the cable is tangle and snag-free. Being able to eliminate these two potential problems makes it easier for installation. This cable is also marked at each foot. Starting at 1000 feet, there is a countdown, which allows you to know how much cable you have. This can make it easy to install the wire in different places while ensuring you have enough to reach your termination points.

Safety of the Cable

Once, you have installed the Ethernet Cable, you can rest easy knowing that it provides some of the highest safety levels available.CAT6 PVC cable is made out of strong but flexible copper-clad aluminum. This allows the wire to produce a superior signal frequency but also extends the life span of the cable.

Features of the PVC CAT6 Ethernet Cable

Several features make the CAT6 Ethernet Cable superior. For starters, there are eight solid 23 AWG conductors, where each conductor is twisted into pairs totaling four pairs of conductors. This helps improve the speed of the cable. The cable also features a pair separate spine which reduces cross talk. This means this wire can provide excellent transmission performance while having a low signal loss. There is also a ripcord making it easy to strip the cable jacket. This can also provide added protection for the network wires.

CAT6 PVC Ethernet Cable provides you with the speed and safety levels you need for just about any scenario with an abundance of features including:

1000ft Cat6 PVC Cable features include:

·        PVC jacket

·         Four pairs of solid 23 AWG conductors

·         Sturdy pull-out box for easy installation

·         Strong, flexible copper-clad aluminum that improves the signal frequency and longevity

·         Unshielded

·         Ripcord to easily strip the cable jacket and further protect network wires

·         Pair separator spine to reduce cross-talk

·         Marked at each foot with a sequential countdown from 1,000 feet

·         Reinforced box opening

·         Three choices of color: Black, White, or Blue

·         1000 foot length


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